About Civil Connect App

Connecting All Things Civil.

The purpose of Civil Connect App is to quickly and easily Connect Business Owners and Plant Operators in the Civil Construction and Earthmoving Industry with the businesses that 'Service Their Needs'. This is achieved through three platforms.., The Civil Connect App, Website and the Civil Connect App Facebook Page.

The Civil Connect App and website platforms provide interactive search options to Users through Business Search Categories, Google Maps and Thumb Nail business information display panels.

For Users. The App and the Website Services are provided Free of Charge. The CCA Facebook Page provides Users with information about the latest developments in the Earth Moving Industry including current and future projects, job opportunities, plant and equipment developments and articles of interest.

For Suppliers and Service Providers. If already loaded you will receive an introductory Free Listing for a period determined by Civil Connect App. You will also be provided with the opportunity to extend your listing to further highlight your business. This includes Special Offers to Users, Website Details, Pics etc. and even a Video Promotion, for an addition fee. Click on the Blue Button "REGISTER' on the landing page of the website to see the many benefits you will receive by becoming a DIAMOND MEMBER.

Suppliers and Service Providers will also be able to launch product, display Special Offers and Brand Promotions on the Civil Connect App Facebook Page.  

Launched in Victoria in June 2017 Civil Connect App will progressively expand into all States and Territory with continued development, improvements and updates that will include more functions and additional features as they become available.

Please Note: We value your feedback!

We constantly look for ways to make the App and Website better and welcome your comments including how we can improve your experience or a function that you believe requires attention.    

For more information and enquiries please contact us by email... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.